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management consulting

Our success-proven methodologies provide you with evidence-based findings, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of each area in your practice(s).

marketing consulting

We will teach you how to identify the opportunities for growth and capitalize on them, so you can have the success you deserve.

practice performance

We will tell you what’s working well in your practice, what’s working alright, and what’s NOT working.

Transition management

Whether its acquisition, merger, or sale, we help provide you with a smooth transition. 

what we do

  • Create the correct DSO structure for your business vision and value

  • Shoulder to shoulder work to build acquisition pipeline

  • Due diligence and pre closing work

  • Closing documents and supporting activities

  • Transition and integration team onsite for new practices

  • Organization structure advice current state and scaled

  • Technology and process advice current state and scaled

  • Positional leadership mentoring: Dentist, Owner, C Level Executives

Services we have performed for our clients

  • 11 group practice sales

  • Over 110 practice acquisitions and transitions

  • $80mm in private equity capital

  • Creation of 17 new groups

  • Recruited 11 C Level leadership executives

  • Organized 23 centralized services teams

  • 17+ enterprise computer conversions

  • Arranged Patterson and Henry Schein Select and National account agreements

  • Credentialed over 200 dentists

  • Accredited 3 groups with AAAHC

  • Facilitated 5 Quality committees

  • Performed 16 P.E. due diligence

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